I attended a conference awhile back.  One of the central themes was what gift do you offer the world. Talk about a heavy question.  Did you feel the weight that question carries?  I will bet your body tensed up and you became a bit distracted by your thoughts.  Take a moment to recollect yourself.

Ready? Great.  Let us see if we can lighten this question into something less daunting.  Here we go.

Sharing GiftsThe question of gifts is an important question to answer. Knowing our natural gifts is an integral part of finding our voice.  Finding our voice gives us strength, courage, and freedom to step into our greatness. The fact you are reading this post is a direct result of me finding my voice.

Without my voice, I was drifting through life. With my voice, I act more purposefully in life.  I look forward to sharing my true authentic self with people and causes that matter most to me.

The gift you offer the world is not your work experience or learned skills. Your gift is your innate natural abilities that show up in every interaction and experience you have.  You share your gifts without any conscious effort at all.  Our gifts are the obvious things in our lives.

Sometimes we struggle to see the obvious things in our lives. Clearly seeing our gifts can be a struggle for even the most self-aware.  When our actions and ideas become obvious to us, we accept them with an unshakable knowing.  We unconditionally accept them, at times diminish their importance, and take them for granted.  We need to bring them to the forefront of awareness and share our gifts with more conscious intention.

Before we can do that, we need to become keenly aware of what our true gifts are. The best way to I have found to uncover our gifts is a three-step process.

1.  What gift do I offer the world? What is obvious to me? Write on a piece of paper, every thought about what your gift is for the next 15 minutes.  Write longer if you can.  The intention here is to capture your top of mind responses as well as the ones that arrive after the obvious ones have been written.   Typically, a person will exhaust all the extremely obvious stuff in the first 5 minutes and then begin to uncover deeper hidden more valuable gifts.

2.  What is obvious to others may not be obvious to me? Invite a diverse variety of people in your life to provide some important feedback to you. The best way to enhance our awareness, learn new skills, and build self-confidence is by soliciting and receiving feedback from people we trust. Positive and negative feedback is equally as important.  Encourage your respondents to freely provide their responses.  Unconditionally accept this feedback as a gift they are providing you.

Here is a sample request. Please feel free to use it as is or modify it in any way.

Will you take a few minutes and provide some important feedback for me?  I am looking to expand my self-awareness and improve the way I show up in the world.  I would greatly appreciate your help in identifying what personal qualities I bring to the table.  What positive qualities do you notice? What annoys you about me? General characterization is fine, but responses that are more specific will be more beneficial to me.

I am open to receiving any and all feedback you would like to share with me. I am deeply grateful for your willingness to be open, honest, and reflective with me.  Please feel free to address any aspect of our relationship you would like to address.

In gratitude,

3. Reflect on the responses received and repeat number 1.

People who deeply care about us, love us more for our natural gifts than anything else we may bring to the relationship. Find your gifts and liberally share them with the world.  Love and happiness will come in abundance.

I hope this exercise is helpful to you.  I look forward to hearing how this exercise was helpful or not helpful to you.

Thank you for allowing me to share a gift with you.


Are you ready to unwrap your gifts?