What do you CARE about?

Cares are often referred to as values, morals, ethics, manifesto, mission statements, etc.  It doesn’t matter what terminology you use to describe what is important to you; what matters is you know what is important to you.

WeVivify coaches are passionate about helping people become more connected to what is most important to them. This connection renews our focus and instills clarity. We can then take steps towards eliminating our old self-limiting habits.  The more focused we are, the more willing we are to take action. We think more creatively, make better decisions, and move rapidly towards our desires. We become aligned with who our soul desires us to be.

Conceptually, this exercise is simple enough. Surface responses are readily available. Digging deeper and really finding out what matters most to us requires time, reflection, and a commitment to cut your way through the roadblocks we have placed on our path.

This is not a homework assignment or a task you have to complete.  Don’t over think it. My best advice would be to get out of your head and listen to your heart when you work on it.

What do you care about (what matters to you) in these 7 domains of your life?

  1. Financial
  2. Learning & Self-Development
  3. Public Identity
  4. Customer Relations
  5. Impact In The World
  6. Health & Renewal
  7. Family Relationships.

You can go as deep or shallow as you would like and each category could have unlimited items or just one.  What matters most to you is not set in stone.  If you keep working at it, this list will ebb-n-flow and guide your actions.

Here’s an example from a CARES inventory.

Impact to the world

  1. I am following my heart and live my truth
  2. I am a creative change agent
  3. I am being the person I'd like seeing in the world
  4. I am helping people find safety and comfort to be themselves in the world
  5. I am helping people become the best version of themselves

Make this exercise a fun self-exploration journey. The more connected you become to your true essences, the more your CARES will guide you down life's path.