We all have friends and enemies of learning. I invite you to read these lists without placing judgment on yourself.

These attributes are intertwined in our life story.  They support us and help us navigate our path in life.  They randomly show up in our lives as issue or situational hot buttons. We can choose to honor them as part of our story or choose to cast them aside.  We choose to allow them to support our growth and create the change we desire in our lives. We also choose to allow them to get in the way and kick the chair out from under us.  I invite you to embrace the "Friends of Learning," and release the "Enemies of Learning."

Enemies of Learning

  • Inability to admit “I don’t know”  without judging ourselves or others
  • When you don’t know that you don’t know, but you act as you do;
  • I should already know
  • Living in the belief “I cannot learn, given who I am”
  • Inability to unlearn
  • Making everything trivial, not taking your learning seriously
  • Not prioritizing learning (I haven’t got time, I’m too busy)
  • Confusing learning with acquiring information
  • Addiction to answers or novelty (i.e. fad of the month)
  • Not giving others permission to teach us
  • Distrust (trust ourselves, trust our teachers)
  • Forgetting the domain of emotions and its impact on learning
  • Forgetting the body as a domain of learning (i.e. No just head learning)

Friends of Learning

  • Willingness to admit “I don’t know”
  • Active Listening
  • Openness
  • Respect and Admiration
  • Willingness to question your questions
  • A mood of perplexity and inquiry
  • Curiosity

*Source: This information has been adopted from the coach training materials provided by the Newfield Network