When the answers to our questions become obvious, then we have stopped flexing our imagination muscles. Pushing beyond the comforts of our default response occurs by accessing our imagination to explore the less apparent.

Imagination powerfully puts aside the past behaviors and outcomes to focus on the possibilities of the present moment. Right now is the opportunity to uncover new possibilities for our self.

Imagination is an expression our soul’s desires.

I used to be an avid golfer. I played 40+ rounds per year and carried a 10 handicap.  I cherish the memories of playing some of the world's greatest golf courses. I learned so much about myself while chasing a white ball.

I shot my best rounds when I allowed my imagination to rule my play. Instead of analyzing and playing it safe, I‘d look for the most fun creative shot I could find and take it.

My simple philosophy was, don’t think, visualize, commit, swing.


The more imaginative detailed I added to my pre-shot visualization, the more successful I was in committing to and executing the shot. Visualize the line and target and watch the magic happen.

I did not arrive at this place easily.  I practiced. I failed, and then I practiced again and again.

First time I relied solely on my imagination was absolutely magical.

I was in Myrtle Beach with the guys as part of an annual golf getaway. We did not play your typical leisure rounds on these trips. Games were highly competitive with more than a few dollars on the line.

Round 1 was a disaster. I found every bunker on the course en route to a 116. Easily the worst round I had shot in years.  I choked under the pressure and allow external events beat me.

As I prepared for round 2, the obvious choice would have been to focus swing mechanics. I choose not to worry about them and to visualize every shot. It worked!  After 8 holes, I was 2 over par.  Then, I did the unthinkable; I abandoned my plan and stopped visualizing.  Failure quickly followed.

Three double bogeys later I was standing on the 12th tee shaking my head in disbelief. I recommitted to visualization and righted the ship finishing the day with an 84, 32 shots better than the day before.

My imagination helped me put aside behaviors that were preventing me from being more successful.

New possibilities were born by exploring the less obvious. I accomplished something I had only dreamed about. I did it! I shot a round of golf in the 80’s. In doing so I honored a part of me I was suppressing.

Using our imagination is honoring our soul’s desires.

Harnessing the powers of imagination is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

How can you let your imagination run free?