Life is full of wonderful joyful moments. Glorious moments show up in all shapes and sizes.

Joy is ours to own and experience.

The best joyous experiences arrive unknowingly.

I could write a longer more extensive list but that is not the point. Every day is filled with subtle opportunities to deliver us joy.

Joy is deeply personal.

Pure joy touches all the senses and knocks the experience out of the ballpark. Pure joy shakes us to the core. When the moment passes, we continue to physically and emotionally crave it.

I can recall an experience in vivid detail from 15+ years ago.  I often call this my “happy place.”

Kiawah Ocean Course Practice AreaI was vacationing at Kiawah Island in the mid 90’s over the Thanksgiving holiday.  I really wanted to play golf at the Ocean Course but could not bring myself to drop a couple hundred dollars on a round.  So, I did the next best thing.  I drove to the course and used the practice facilities.

I immediately became lost in the moment.  Love at first step out of the car. My adrenaline was pumping, my heart was racing, and strangely, I had a calm sense of belonging. I was not an invited guest to this moment.  I was the moment and the moment was I.

As I chipped and putted on the greens, I felt my creative juices come alive. I was trying shots I had never attempted before. I was visualizing lines to the hole like never before. I felt invincible. I could make any shot I attempted. When I missed, I never gave it a second thought. I just let it go and moved on to the next shot.

Time went by. I was in complete flow.

I moved over to the driving range.  The only thing that separates the range from the beach is a thin set of sand dunes. I can still feel the gentle ocean breeze and hear the crashing of the waves. I was in heaven. The peaceful quiet splendor filled my heart with joy.  I relaxed like I never had before.

I was a very erratic golfer in those days. Barely broke the triple digits and sprayed the ball around the outfield with the best of them. I had fleeting moments, but never anything like this.

On that day, I hit golf shots with the greatest of ease. There wasn’t a shot I could not make.  I found joy in everything I did.

I have practiced on the Ocean Course 8-10 times since.  Each and every time I have found the same joy.  Living in joy is where I belong. Living in joy is where you belong.

What brings you pure joy?