The month of November is for sharing our gratitude with each other and ourselves. Many of us struggle to give and receive in our lives. We grow and lead from the struggles and challenges we faced. Creating awareness and taking on our struggles is a gateway to being our true authentic self in the world.

Genuine leadership requires ownership of our own challenges.

Much of my life, I have struggled to accept all the kindness and good in my life. I ignored or brushed it off. I never owned it.

Last fall, my coach challenged me to integrate gratitude as part of my daily routine. With all my might, I resisted. I failed to recognize the benefits that fully embracing gratitude offered me. Given my life-long challenges, it is easy to see why I struggled to accept this challenge?

Being a coach myself, I knew resistance was a sure sign I was ignoring something that required my attention. After some self-talk, I reluctantly accepted the challenge. I set my intention to connect to what I was grateful for and to deeply feel gratitude when people offered it to me.

To be successful, I had to design an easy fail-safe daily practice. My practice needed to provoke my curiosity, expand my focus and clarity, and create a repeatable plan of action for inviting more gratitude into my life.

I turned to social media for my solution. Here is the practice I designed.

Every day during the month of November, I would tweet or update my Facebook status with something I was grateful for. Each update would focus on something new I was grateful for. I could not repeat the same tweet or subject matter. When I was offered gratitude, I would honor the person's offering. Externally, I would acknowledge the offering and say “Thank You.”  Internally, I would tell myself I am loved and worthy to receive this gratitude offering.

November came and I began my practice. My practice was limited to my daily tweets for the first 2 weeks or so. Then something magical happened, people in my life started telling me how much they appreciated me. At first, it was just a couple of random occurrences, and then it became a daily occurrence. The more frequent they came, the more I struggle to hold onto my old beliefs. I started embracing my contribution and letting go of my struggle.

My daily gratitude efforts delivered everything I wanted and more. I fell in love with my life again. I owned my struggle. I continue to practice gratitude daily and I hope you are inspired to do the same.

Are you up for a daily gratitude challenge?

Please join me in 30 days of daily status updates about something you are grateful.

If you are using Twitter, please add the hashtag #30Gratitude to your tweets so we can follow along and celebrate your success. On Facebook, "like" the WeVivify page and tag your status with WeVivify (@WeVivify).