WeVivify offers consulting services for entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses.

Coaching success depends on the individual or team to take self-motivated action to generate results. Clients are solely responsible for their action or inaction. Coaches are not directly accountable for their clients progress. A coaches value is determined by how he or she can guide and motivate their clients into what they desire.

Consultants operate with total accountability.  They are directly responsible for their own actions and are expected to diagnose situations. prescribe, and sometimes implement solutions.  A consultants value will be is directly visible to all.

When you hire a WeVivify Consultant, you are hiring a person who is well versed in both coaching and consulting services.

This means you will get the best of both worlds. You will get a person who

  • understands you and your business
  • approaches every interaction with compassion, care, and curiosity
  • motivated to make a difference for you and your business
  • has expertise in communication, marketing and financial skills

WeVivify provides a full range of strategic planning services from...

Assessments: Conversation for Understanding. What are we doing and Why? Boost clarity and focus. Get business channels on the same page.

Brainstorming: Conversation for Possibilities. What do we want to accomplish? What gap do we need to close? What can we do differently?

Implementation: Conversation for Action. What needs to be done? How are we going to do it? Let's get it done!

Give your company the extra support it needs to raise their game, hire a WeVivify consultant.

Send an e-mail to info@WeVivify.com and let’s begin a conversation for possibility.