“A remarkable aspect of your mental life is that you are rarely stumped.” – Daniel Kahneman

Ever try to get someone to do something that’s not their idea?

Try as you might, it’s hard to convince them.  We present our case and share our beliefs/values. They still do it their way.

We may not be able to immediately persuade them to do something. We can create the learning space for them to decide.

Learning spaces are the foundation for all successful growth and collaboration. 

Successful collaborative environments are safe non-judgmental spaces. Where people are in charge of their own learning; encouraged to explore their own thoughts and feelings; a sacred space where curiosity, gratitude, surrender, and compassion can emerge.

When was the last time you left a conversation with the feeling both parties learned something? Why did it happen?

I'll bet it was because you both stopped focusing on yourself and were able to meet each other where you are. You were ready to learn together.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Ben Franklin

Learning to seed togetherWe learn when we are ready to learn. We learn when we choose to create this sacred learning space for ourselves.

We cannot walk in another person's shoes. We can guide them. We can plant idea seeds. We cannot fertilize or water the seeds for them.

We need to remove our needs from these conversations and focus on the needs of the people we are communicating with. When our needs get in the way during a conversation, we impact the other person's ability to listen, learn, and interact with us.

By shifting the focus from ourselves to another person, we kick the door open to collaboration.  We start seeing the world from their perspective. This is how we meet them where they are. This is how they meet us where we are. This is how we begin learning and meeting our needs together.

We are not failing to learn because we are not capable of learning. We just need to teach each other how we can learn together.

Failing is just a series of events that tell us we need to rethink our approach.

Without failure, there is no success. The lessons we need to learn are the failed life experiences that sting so much. The strength to overcome our failures is found deep inside of us.

Surface mining only captures the low hanging fruit. Deep wisdom mining is the result of repeatedly practicing things we need to overcome of failures. Learning spaces are the forum to discover our true learning needs.

Learning will become knowledge by establishing a learning space seeding practice.

Developing a seeding practice breaks down your resistance barriers; drives you into action; increases your focus and discipline. 

One seed will not harvest a crop. Planting lots of seeds will lead to a crop. The seeds will not grow without nourishing them.

A learning practice is a continuous process of seeding and reseeding.

It's a daily energy boost. An opportunity for you to claim what you want by growing fertile fields of knowledge inside of you.

Knowledge becomes wisdom with practice. Wisdom is what we know to be true for ourselves. 

I get stuck, but I am never stumped. When I am stuck, it's because I've stopped practicing and learning. Every time flow returns, it's because I am practicing and learning. I'm never stumped. I know my way out.

I can tell you what I've learned. I can teach you how to seed and create a masterful learning space. I cannot get you to practice or learn for you. I can only create a space for us to learn together.

This is your choice and commitment to make. I'm ready to begin our learning together when you are ready to start.

Are you ready to get started?