What conversation are you avoiding at all cost? No it’s not that one. Come on…you can dig a little deeper. You know the one I am talking about. You occasionally think about it, chew on it, and quickly let it go. Only it never goes away. The thought of actually having the conversation is enough to make you want to crawl back under the covers and curl up in a ball.

At this rate, you will never have this important conversation.

What are you afraid of? 

We learn a lot of ways, but nothing accelerates our learning faster than allowing ourselves to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable is not a one size fits all strategy nor is it as extreme as the request I made in the opening paragraph. Let start smaller.

In your next conversation, can you share more than generic run of the mill facts about yourself? Can you share more than mindless conversation about current events or the weather? Can you share your true thoughts and feelings? Can you?

Are you capable of emotionally exposing yourself?

I believe you can. In fact, I know you can.

Why am I so confident? I used to be like you. I was a very private person.  I bottled my feelings and needs up inside and refused to share them. As a result, I hid from my true self.  I hid from what gives me life. I deprived myself of what I wanted most.  All because I failed to share what I wanted with people who could have helped me along the way.

By avoiding the conversations I wanted to have, I locked the door to possibilities. I kept the key hidden inside me. A little bit of sharing would have elevated and invited others to do the same. Together, we could have unlocked the doors to deeper more meaningful conversation.  A little courage was all that was needed.

Failing to be vulnerable undermines our ability to fully express our true selves and prevents us from getting what we want in life.

If we are not being our true selves, then who are we?

Be bold. Be courageous. Be YOU.