WeVivify offers coaching services for individuals, entrepreneurs, executives, management teams, and non-profit organizations.

What is coaching?


  • Ask questions and help you discover your own answers
  • Focuses on individual initiated change in the pursuit of specific actionable outcomes
  • Deal with the present and future possibilities
  • Together, the coach and client create actionable strategies for achieving specific objectives

Coaching is different from other professions.










Coaching Benefits*

Top Three Benefits as Reported by the Executives Being Coached:

  1. Leadership–Developing Interpersonal and team leadership skills
  2. Self-awareness –Becoming more aware of shortcomings, and being better able to control behavior. Also understand one’s impact on others.
  3. Life Balance –Balancing personal and professional roles more effectively

Top Three Benefits from the Organization’s Perspective:

  1. Interpersonal Skills –Communication & Team leadership skills
  2. Humility –Genuine confidence with a balanced ego, recognition of self and others. Increased Courage to voice opinions and share credit
  3. Creativity & Change–An increased willingness to think outside the box to get results

*Source: MindTram 2009 Executive Coach Survey

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