The purpose of this page is to introduce people to the WeVivify blog. My hope is that this page inspires and motivates you in some way shape or form.  At the very least, you will find out a little more about me. So here goes….

Why do I write?

I write to find my voice and to share some life lessons and perspectives. Writing helps me create clarity in my life by linking my emotions with the events in my life. Writing adds meaning and direction to my life. Sometimes I write for my audience, but mostly I write for me. This post captures some additional feelings on the benefits of writing.

How often do I write?

I write a few days a week. Most of it is nonsensical banter. I pick out something that amuses me, and I write for 10-15 without any real purpose. Over time, this streaming thought manifests itself into a pattern of conversation.

What writing fear did I have to overcome?

Hitting publish for the first time. The first post was very personal. I was exposing myself to the world in a very open way.  Professionally, I have coached people who wanted to find safety and comfort in being their true self in the world. Publishing this blog is a way for me to keep living this truth for myself. 80+ published posts later, I still get butterflies hitting the publish button.

What have I learned most about my writing style?

Over time, I have become very comfortable writing from my heart. I can easily connect to my emotional thoughts and feelings. Now I face a different challenge, blending this writing style while sharing business concepts. When I attempt to write a more formal post (like this) I publish it with the feeling I did not deliver the full emotional connection I was shooting for. What can I say, my writing is a work in progress. :-)

Here are some highlights from year 2.

What was the most reluctant post I published?

"Living on the fringe" was published on December 8, 2010 in response to a daily blog writing challenge. The task was to talk about who I am. I am not a self-promoter by nature, so this task was extremely challenging for me, but deeply satisfying to publish. This post is a great example of writing from the heart.

Which post did I enjoy writing the most?

"Going Helium” was published on April 18, 2011. Going helium is setting your sights on the biggest dream you can imagine and going for it. Who doesn't want to dream big? It’s time for you to shine. Time for you to live the life of your dreams. Time to for you to GO HELIUM!!

Which post generated the most conversation?

"30 Day of Gratitude Challenge" was published on October 21, 2011. By far the most retweet post I've ever written.  The idea was to tweet or Facebook status something you were grateful for every day during the month of November. Over 100  people accepted the challenge. I'd say, a smashing success. Will you accept the challenge this November?

I wish more people had read this post.

"Living in joy is where we belong" was published on December 3, 2010. Life is full of wonderful joyful moments. Glorious moments show up in all shapes and sizes. Joy is ours to own and experience. The best joyous experiences arrive unknowingly. Every day is filled with subtle opportunities to deliver us joy. Living in joy is where you belong!

Which post has generated the most referral traffic?

Reactive action is a hope strategywas published on March 8, 2011. I wrote this post at the insistance of a friend. Together, we used the framework to hold a day long Twitter chat (usXsw) for those who could not go to SXSW.  Links to this post have been published on a couple of sites and continue to drive traffic today.  Did I mention I routinely use this framework for action? You should too.

There you have it.  I am proud of  my 2 years of  blogging. I hope this page brings us closer together.

Do you have a favorite? Did I forget to mention it?

Leave a comment below, and let's continuing the conversation we have started.

If you are interested in digging further into the archives, please check out the year 1 highlights here