Whatever you want requires you to get naked and run free in the wild.

Space is generative. Exploring an unfamiliar space is messy and uncomfortable. It is also where we find those game changing nuggets of wisdom. Familiar space keeps us stuck inside the safe stable confines of our mind living in a world of static repetitive behavior. Everything is may seem great, but it is far from it.

Running Free in the WildPretending to run free in the wilderness is a wonderful delusional reality world. A storybook fairy tale we tell ourselves to make things seem better. Deep inside, we know we have more to experience. We just need to find the courage to step out into the wild and find the space we need to grow

By avoiding our motivational withdrawal, we get naked and run free. We push ourselves to find the space where we can grow at our natural operational speed.

Playing it safe is a decision not to grow anymore. 

We have to consider the possibility that our assumptions/values/beliefs are getting our way towards making progress. In fact, they are likely the cause of our stagnation.

Give up your illusion of control and embrace the unfamiliar unknown.  Develop a willingness to unlearning what you know. Learn to move freely into the uncomfortable unknown. Don’t be scared. The unknown will be safe and comfortable before you know it.

Beware, there are scary monsters out in the wild…FEAR!

Safety fears are real. Most everything else is just a story we tell ourselves to keep from running naked in the wild.

You are good enough. You can learn to remove those voices of doubt and learn to trust yourself. You can learn to break free!

Taking action removes our fear and scares away the monsters.

Taking action creates momentum and brings the support we need. Taking action allows us to go helium!

What if you said to yourself….

Today, I awake to a world full of new and endless possibilities. Today, I live unencumbered from the past. Today, I run naked and free in the wild.

Today, I get to…