What have you risked it all to get?

We love those deeply inspiring stories. Wow…those people were so courageous and brave. They threw caution at the wind and risked it all.  We secretly wish we could be more like them.

Watching deeply inspired motivation in action is a work of art. A thing of beauty.

You have your own ground shaking, heart-warming story to tell, right? 

The people in these stories are driven by a sustainable motivational why. They found what they wanted and they risked it all to get it.

The only difference between them and us is investing our time and effort to do the work required.

You've heard all this before, but this time it's different. You are more curious about why you haven't done the hard work to make it happen.

You are more willing to challenge your attitude and beliefs. You are more willing to ask and seek answer to the question you have.

You are ready to do the work required. You are ready to commit to inspired sustainable action.

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Answering them is no simple task. Within these questions lies the secret to finding your motivational why.  Your answers may have layers upon layers of learning experiences. You will need to unlearn some of them.

They could be full of details you do not want to face or understand. You must push through your resistance and keep pushing yourself.

You see, we are not being held back by external forces. We are holding ourselves back.

We tell ourselves these meaningless stories to avoid doing the hard work. We are comfortable and afraid. We are lazy, seek short cuts, and crave instant gratification answers.

We avoid facing our truth at all costs.

We will not find the answers we seek or our motivational why by denying ourselves the rich opportunity to discover our truth. We have to dig for it. We have to do the work.

Our actions speak louder than words. We have to challenge our assumptions every day.

Answering, "what am I doing?" is easier than answering, "why am I doing it?"

We do a lot things in our daily routine out of habit. Many of these habits do not serve our greater desires.  That's why we need to ask ourselves why we are doing something.

We need to uncover what is important to us. We need to put conscious thought into what motivates us.

Our motivational why is hidden inside the things that are most important to us.

Taking a personal inventory or cares assessment can kick-start the discovery process. To work, they need reflection time and deep thought, and you have to do the hard work. My guess is you will not put in the effort or invest the time to do them.

A simpler way to get started is a daily intentional practice stating what we are going to do and why we are going to do it. This simple intentional act will kick-start more focused actions, boost to your energy levels, and drive your daily purposeful actions.

No matter how you choose to go ahead, remember, there are no short cuts or tricks. There is only a focused daily practice of discovery and action. The answers we seek will appear when we are ready to act upon them.

Consistent efforts will result in discovering your motivational why. Today, you get to start finding your motivational why.

What motivation do you need to begin?

P.S. If you think this article is just about personal growth and discovery, think again.  These tenants apply to your business as well.