REPEAT AFTER ME….There is no such thing as work life balance.

Work life balance is propaganda for the unconscious masses.

You will not find your dream life pursuing work life balance. Instead, you find yourself living in a nightmare.

Your dreams will die chasing this mythical unachievable high wire balancing act.

There is no separation between your personal and professional lives. 

We are the same person at work as we are at home. Try as we might, we cannot separate the two.

We are one whole human being. Our human components do not exist separately.

We have a conscious mind that loves to think and rationalize.

We have sub-conscious mind full of history, beliefs, attitudes, and emotional feelings.

We have spirit that seeks love, purpose, and meaning.

We have a body the provides the functional energy we need to live.

No matter where you go, you are there as one fully integrated human being.

We cannot deny this inevitable indisputable truth. We know no other way, but to be a whole human being.

We are who we are. Others are who they are. It's time to stop separating these facts from reality.

Our futile attempts to seek a work life balance only serve to push us further away from our truth.

Chasing dreams requires finding our truth and finding a way to fully integrated all aspects of our being into everything we do.

Satisfaction comes from knowing we have fulfilled our needs and desires. Satisfaction is defined by living a life true to ourself, not a life others expect of us.

Aren't you tired of trying to satisfy someone else's needs and desires? 

Yet, every day the masses willingly choose to sacrifice their own personal satisfaction for professional satisfaction or vice-a-versa.

It's time to put ourselves first. We are a fully integrated human being who desires both a personal and professionally satisfying life. It's time to stop pretending we are not.

Our lives belong to us. We control the choices we make.

We choose to make choices that compromise or support our satisfaction. We answer to our decisions.

Give up this silly notion of Work Life Balance and start seeking personal and professional satisfaction in everything you do.

Start NOW. Say YES to the things that have meaning to you. Skip the rest.

Make choices that prioritize both your personal and professional satisfaction.

Your dream life demands it!