I’ve spent much of my life trying to find a perfect balance between “I have to do X” and “I want to do Y.”  As a result, I've often denied myself an opportunity to live and really enjoy the present moment.

Every activity can be viewed as have to, want to, or get to. 

"Have to" energy drains the life out of us. Obligation and responsibility fills our being. We act to meet other's expectations and not our own.  We do to do. We give a small piece of our selves away every time we choose to view an activity as "have to." "Have to" activities hold us in the past.

"Want to" energy is filled with hope, optimism, and excitement. Goals and dreams live in this realm. A positive experience with fulfilling our "wants" builds our confidence, fearlessness, and drives our self-beliefs on what we see as possible. Conversely, our negative experience with not fulfilling our desires fills our world with frustration and regret. "Want to" ideology only works when we can turn them into "get to" action. Without this step, we live in a fantasy world.

We can dream about what we want, but what's the point unless we are willing to take action?

"Get to" energy is action oriented langage designed for living in the now. Imagine experiencing every activity as it is and not as we want it to be or it has to be. Reframing how we see "have to" or "want to" activities makes all the difference. Fully present in the moment, we are more aware and can easily let go of any preconceived expectations. We can be free of our self limiting beliefs. We can be grateful for all that exists in this moment. Nothing else matters. Living with "get to" energy is a privilege worth pursuing.

Everyday changes are new opportunities where we get to...

The only thing certain in life, is change.  Finding ways to transition through changes is how we evolve. Forward momentum comes from changing our relationship to present moment. When we are present, we can change our perspective to what is possible. We can stop resisting life and start living it.

Today, I get to shift my being from "Have to" energy to "Get to" energy.  

Will you join me in making this shift?

Today, you get to...