Where there is power, there is resistance. ― Michel Foucault

When your resistance shows up, you are winning. It’s time to remove your suit of armor, be brave, and push harder than you ever have before.

When was the last time you were brave?

Being brave is about taking small meaningful freeing actions. You wont magically wake up one day and be brave. You have to work at it.

There are thousands of distractions and obstacles keeping us from our dreams. Don't give up. Stay focused. Keep going.

Be Brave. It takes guts to ignore the distractions and keep doing what you believe in. It all starts with you.

If you don't believe in you, who will? 

Being brave is fully committing you and your beliefs.

When we are afraid of finding out what we really can do, we pull back and play it safe. What if we pushed forward?

It's your resistance that is afraid, not you. It's scared you might actually take action and no longer be trapped in your safe protective suit of armor.

Being brave is about taking action in a new way. A small amount of push back will build into full on sprint before you know it. Erasing your self-doubts and building your confidence.

Confidence comes from believing you can do it. Only way to build it is to do it is to take action. 

Belief is the foundation of trust. Trusting ourselves gives us the courage to face our challenges and obstacles. We are able to take risks and make our dreams come alive. Trust removes our resistance and allow us to live.

Once you begin to believe, so will others. We only need a few believers to step into what we are meant to do.

The belief  you are looking for is already inside you. The source of your bravery comes from your guardian power.

Find your guardian power and ride it past your resistance.

Rise-of-the-Guardians-Movie-PosterRise of the Guardians is a fantastic kids movie. The central message is find your center and harness it for success. The movie explores what happens when you stop believing in the mythical guardians of our childhood memories.

Losing our beliefs darkens our outlook and allows negative emotional feelings to set in. When the children stop believing in the guardians feel defeated and place their trust in the last remaining child who believes in them.

The child struggles to keep up his belief is the face of so much doubt.  As the guardians cling to their last remaining sliver of hope, they make the decision to go all in and fight for what they believe in.

They fight by using their guardian powers to keep them brave, focused and strong in the face of doubt and disbelief. They fight because they cannot see a world without the guardian powers they deeply believe in.

With adversity, the guardians resolve grows stronger. The children begin to believe in them again. The stronger the belief, the number of believers grow. Before you know it, all the children are believing again.

Guardian powers keep hope alive. They are the strength we need to defeat our fears and do the work we are meant to do.

Here are the guardians and their endless power supply.

Santa Claus - Guardian of  Wonderment - Without curiosity and wonder, where would we be? 

Tooth Fairy - Guardian of Memories - Our childhood memories are captured and stored in our lost teeth by the tooth fairy. Preserving memories gives us a sense accomplish and purpose for pushing forward. 

Easter Bunny - Guardian of Hope - Hope keeps us optimistic and working. As long as we have hope, we will not quit. 

Sandman - Guardian of Dreams - Ensures a goodnight's sleep allowing us to dream about what is possible. 

Jack Frost - Guardian of Fun - Who doesn't like a snow day? Jack Frost makes sure he ramps up the fun! 

Pitch - Guardian of Fear - Fears are not a negative emotions. They are the catalyst to action.  Without fear, we might become complacent and rest on our laurels. Fears are a necessary evil. 

What guardian power do you have an endless supply of?

This story of belief is not just a magical hollywood fairy tale, it is a pathway for us to do what we are meant to do.  Need some real world proof? Of course you do.

Angela Maiers  -  Guardian of Noticing  - Angela deeply cares about children, especially those who have not stepped into the spotlight. She began a practice of keeping a journal of the things she noticed in the world. Noticing is collecting thoughts and ideas that peak your interest or irk you in the world. These notice notes are the things you care about. They things that drive you in life. She just took notes and until one day a child noticed. The child became her first believer and soon the whole elementary school became believers.  It wasn't enough for her to care, she needed you to find your cares as well. Watch a little of her Tedx talk. Do you feel her deep undeniable care? Guardian power at work. Today, she helps educators move from a prescription-driven learning toward passion-driven learning, and begin to make a real difference in the lives of their students.  It all started because she noticed something and one of her students cared to ask why. Angela, we notice you. You are making a difference. You matter!

Dane Findley  - Guardian of Reinvention - Dane woke up one morning shortly after his 40th birthday feeling tired and lethargic. He was stressed and on the verge of panic.  His body was slowing down and instead of feeling a spry 20, he felt like he was an old man 60. He was determined to kicked this feeling and recapture his youthful body. By reinventing his lifestyle, Dane reinvented his life. His simple quest to change his exercise and eating habits led him into a new more powerful way of living. He blogged and shared his reinvention journey openly. Believers gradually grew. He quit his day job and took on a career of inspiring people to live a better lifestyle. His believers turned into clients. Today, Dane has a heartfelt life as a wellness coach helping people become fit after 40 and building a  healthy relationships with themselves. I can't  wait to see how Dane uses his guardian power to help his clients reinvent their lives.

Peg Fitzpatrick - Guardian of Sparkle - Peggy is a bundle of energy. She adds a little sparkle to everything she does. When I met Peggy a few years ago, she was spreading positive quotes and goodwill on Twitter.  She was a Social Media Community manager for a brand and actively participated in Twitter chats. People loved Peggy, but Peggy had not stepped into the self-believer circle yet. She had dreams, but didn't know where or how to start. Writing her first blog post and getting tremendous feedback was the catalyst she needed. Peggy began to believe in herself  and her sparkle. Things began to take off.  She continued writing a blog, launched a popular online Book Club, and helped start the ever popular 12 Most blog. It didn't stop there. She has taken her can do positive attitude into the world full force. Everything Peggy has touched the last couple of years has sparkled.

These 3 people faced the same fears you face.  They didn't let fear stop them or make them weak.  They stood up. The stared their fears in their eyes and the were brave.

When we begin to face our fears..something wonderful happens...we act on what matters most to us. We bring our gifts to the world. 

I believe you too can use your guardian power to defeat your resistance. Victory over fear is yours for the taking. I know you can do it!

I'll leave you with a closing thought.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ―Anaïs Nin