Today was a beautiful fall day here in the Nation Capital. I played hooky and spent a couple of hours hiking.

Some much-needed mental recharge and reflection time.

You see, I've been stuck floating along life's path for a while now. While I enjoy comfort zone time, I've  grown tired of the same old same old.

Each time I've started to paddle harder, I've run into obstacles that have knocked me off my stroke into float mode. Each time, I was given an opportunity to learn a new lesson.

My floating learning experience has been invaluable and enlightening in many ways. I've learned many things about myself. Mostly, I've learned that I must fully experience the lessons to learn them.

There are no short cuts. Life experience is the best teacher. Life long learners are the best students.

Today, I awoke with renewed energy and fresh perspective.

Allow me to share a few moments of today's experience.



Remove the obstacles. Find your flow. Don't stop until you do.

Today, I began my next phase of learning. Today, you can too.