Our stories have the ability to limit or expand how we show up in the world.  We use language to tell stories about ourselves and the world we live in.  Behind our language lies an emotional state of being. This emotional state defines how we view a situation or the world at large.

Our stories do not live in isolation. Each story reveals a pattern that is part of a larger story we tell about ourselves. Our character is built upon the stories we tell ourselves and language we use to articulate them in conversation.

Consider this...

Today, I have to... <<--This statement is full of negative stop energy. It's hard to get excited about what we are doing with this point of view.

Today, I want to... <<--While a more forward-looking statement, there is still hesitation in the language. Feels more like, I would like to do this today, but I probably won't. 

Today, I get to... <<--Do you feel the empowerment and uplifting energy that radiates through this statement? 

Our perspective is wrapped around the core fundamental stories that are holding us back. The solutions to the challenges we face are found within the stories we tell while answering these questions.

Every activity can be viewed as have to, want to, or get to. 

Forward momentum comes from changing our relationship to our stories. Thereby changing our perspective on what is possible. We can then create a world where we get to choose what we have to, want to, or get to do today.

Today, I get to...

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